Comic Book: Earaches & Eyesores #4

from World War IX

You’d think that playing to small drunken crowds in a marginally successful punk band would be nothing less than incredible, right? Well it is...most of the time. But when it’s not, it’s a depressing slog that ain’t for the faint of heart! In the new issue of Earaches & Eyesores, Melkmann tells the oh-so-true tale of what exactly went down when his band was faced with the hilariously nail-biting task of replacing half of its members. Was it a living hell? Yes. Was it worth it? You bet! #4 also includes a no holds barred interview with the author.
36 pages b&w with color cover.

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World War IX Brooklyn, New York

"How do you feel about vintage American punk? I’m talking about the stuff that is angry and fun at the same time. I’m talking about early Black Flag, Circle Jerks, I’m talking about guitars plugged straight into amps with no effects, lots of gang vocals, beats that just keep on beating. Yeah, me too. Rejoice! World War IX is here for you. For me. For us. For punk"-(The Impaler Speaks) ... more

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